Automatic High-Speed Carton Folder Gluer

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Model: 800FC

Our 800FC automatic high-speed carton folder gluer adopts the steel panel with good rigidity as its base, which makes a high stable operation. The manufacturing process is sophisticated and all the raw materials including standard parts and electrical components are from the world's reliable suppliers. Therefore, the reliability and safety during the production is ensured and maintenance cost is minimized. This product is driven by three independent motors, delivering a high, uniform and reasonable power density. Additionally, clear monitoring system, wireless remote control system, , and motorized plate adjustment mechanism not only make the operator constantly monitor the production status, but also effectively reduce the workload as well as greatly shorten the set-up time. As a result, the production efficiency is significantly improved.

Main Technical Parameters
Model 800FC
Suitable Material Cardboard 200-900g/m2 and N,F,E-flute Corrugated Paper
Type of Adhesive Resin Emulsion(solvent)
Max. Speed 360m/min
Required Power 13kw
Overall Dimension 13800*1550*1600mm
Weight 7160kg
Carton Technical Parameters
1. One-side Gluing
800 FC
a 100-800mm
b Max. 700mm
2. Double Gluing
a Max. 700mm
b 100-600mm
c Min. 15mm
d Max. 770mm
3. Bottom Gluing
a 180-800mm
b Max. 600mm
c Max. 120mm
d Min. 60mm
4. Four Corner
B 160-760mm
L 120-500mm
a Min. 120 mm
b Min. 20 mm
5. Six Corner
B 280-770mm
L 150-600mm
a Min.110mm
b 20-100mm
Optional Configuration
1. Electric Feeder

This high-speed carton folder gluer can ensure the papers to achieve the best results and make paper feeding more smoothly.

2. Correction Unit

The correction unit is used to keep the paper at a reasonably straight state prior to the folding process.

3. Alignment Device for the Finished Product

This alignment device of high-speed carton folder gluer is specially designed to solve the problem of high and low lines of auto-lock bottom boxes. An accurate control system incorporates the combined action of the stopper and belt, making the bottom of each box entering the conveyor flat as well as straight.

Additionally, the back-folding system for 4/6 corner boxes, automatic cold and hot melt gluing system, and plasma treatment are also available.

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