Automatic High-Speed Carton Folder Gluer

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Model: 1050PC/1450PC

The 1050PC/1450PC automatic high-speed carton folder gluer adopts modular design, offering the expanding function of 4/6 corner box gluing. It comes with highest performance ratio thanks to the following two features. Firstly, the base is comprised of steel panel with high compactness and good rigidity, which ensures high stability during operation. Secondly, extremely accurate manufacturing processes and elaborate selection of quality standard parts as well electrical components provided by the world's professional suppliers improve the reliability and safety of machine while running. Also, the maintenance costs will be minimized.

Feeding Unit
The feeding unit of our carton folder gluer consists of five quality thickened belts and 4 bottom suction belts with 60mm width together with powerful bottom suction system and electric paper stacking vibration device, which provides an accurate and smooth delivery of paper. Every mechanism of feeding unit is convenient and simple to adjust, cutting the set-up time and improving the production efficiency.
Crash Lock Bottom Unit
The modular components of crash lock bottom unit is able to accomplish the job quickly and accurately. It is flexible and convenient to dismantle.
Gluing Unit
The automatic high-speed carton folder gluer is outfitted with two groups of left and right, upper and lower gluing tanks which are used for micro-adjustment of adhesive volume. This section is convenient to dismantle and easy to clean and maintain.
Final Folding Unit
Extended designed enables the paper to fully stretch in this section and then naturally form the shape.
Trombone Unit
Upper and lower belts are slide-type adjustment mechanism which is flexible and convenient, guarantying natural and smooth accumulation of boxes with varied size in this unit. Automatic sheet for kicking and counting dual-use devices are also available.
Conveying Unit
This section of our carton folder gluer comes with two quality imported belts which are soft and moderate. The cylinder pressure design is used for micro-adjustment of the pressure, offering customers perfect pressing effect in this section.
Main Technical Specifications
Model 1050PC 1450PC
Suitable Material Cardboard 250g-900g/m2 and E, F, N-flute Corrugated Paper Cardboard 250g-900g/m2 and E, F, N-flute Corrugated Paper
Type of Adhesive Resin Emulsion (solvent)
Max. Speed 300 m/min 250m/min
Required Power 13. 5KW 20.5KW
Overall Dimension 14600*1960*1450mm 15864*2100*1200mm
Weight 9650kg 11500kg
Carton Specifications
1. One-side Gluing
1050 1450
a 180-1050mm a 450-1450mm
b Max. 1000mm b Max. 1100mm
2. Double Gluing
1050 1450
a Min.200mm a Min.200mm
b Max.1000mm b 160-1100mm
c Min.15mm c Min.30mm
d Max.1000mm d 450-1400mm
3. Bottom Gluing
1050 1450
a 180-950mm a 450-1460mm
b Max. 900mm b Max. 900mm
c Max. 150mm c Max. 150mm
d Min. 80mm d Min. 150mm
4. Four Corner
1050 1450
a Max. 950mm a Max. 1350mm
b 150-900mm b 180-900mm
c 30-150mm c Max. 30-150mm
d Min. 200mm d Min. 200mm
5. Six Corner
1050 1450
a 350-950mm a 490-1350mm
b 150-900mm b 180-900mm
c 30-150mm c 30-150mm
d Min. 120mm d Min. 200mm

Optional Devices
Plasma Treatment
Automatic Cold and Hot Glue System
Back Folding System for 4/6 Corner Box

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