Semi-auto Double-piece Carton Pasting Machine

Semi-auto Double-piece Carton Pasting Machine
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Technical Parameters of the Semi-auto Double-piece Carton Pasting Machine
Model CMD1050 CMD1300 CMD1450 CMD1650
Single piece max. size 1050mm 1300mm 1450mm 1650mm
Double-piece max. size 2100mm 2600mm 2900mm 3300mm
Single piece min. size 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Total power 7.35kw 7.35kw 7.35kw 7.35kw
Main machine dimensions (L×W×H) 9.6*1.6*1.45m 9.6*1.9*1.45m 9.6*2.05*1.45m 9.6*2.25*1.45m
Machine weight 5000kg 5500kg 6000kg 6500kg

Main Functions
1. The double-piece carton pasting machine feeds the paper automatically. It is used for pasting all kinds of different and special boxes and cases.
2. It offers simple adjustment in operation and is fast in changeovers. The production speed can be controlled flexibly. The speed range is 1-60 meters per minute.
3. The coda photoelectric sensor automatic brake device ensures continuous production.
4. The soft leather belt ensures smooth feeding without pause.
5. An emery wheel grinds the UV gluing spot to ensure a perfect effect and the strength of gluing.
6. The double pasting wheel glue-jetting device adapts different sizes of sticking, which can save glue by 50%.
7. Different style single piece cartons can be produced separately up and down, which greatly improves production efficiency.
8. Providing with the standard pneumatic pressure table, the double-piece carton pasting machine can make cartons with different specifications proficiently.
9. Production is efficient, two times higher than the traditional manual way of pasting. The quality of the products can be assured.

We are a China-based semi-auto double-piece carton pasting machine manufacturer. Apart from carton pasting machine, we also offer plastic box making machine, die cutting machine, laminating machine, and blade bending machine.

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