Automatic High-Speed Carton Folder Gluer

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Model: 1800FX

The 1800FX automatic corrugated carton folder gluer comes with many advantages which are as follows.
1. The assurance of productivity begins with good quality. The base of our machine is composed of an integrated steel panel which offers high compactness and good rigidity, thus achieving high stability during operation. In order to offer you peace of mind in the assurance of absolute safety and optimum reliability, the standard parts and electrical components of this automatic corrugated carton folder gluer are selected from the well-known providers throughout the world. Moreover, our manufacturing process is quite sophisticated and rigorous.
2. Convenient operation makes the work easier. By using wireless remote control and clear monitoring system, the operators can continually monitor real time production status. Also, the set-up time can be shortened and working efficiency can be increased.
3. Flexible expansion capabilities indicate the best performance. Modular design helps you minimize your one time investment.

Twice Shaping Unit
The water-spraying device of the automatic corrugated carton folder gluer allows users to process the second and the fourth creasing line of the cardboard using of wet treatment, which can prevent the explosion of cutting edge and cutting corner during the folding process. The two groups of creasing line will crease and shape those unqualified cardboards so as to improve the folding accuracy and folding quality.

Super Long Journey Final Folding Shaping Section
The board can stretch fully in this section and form into shape naturally. Operators can control the speed of the left belt and right belt, respectively. Therefore, the fish tail can be reduced and gluing precision will be enhanced.

Trombone Section
Upper and lower belts are slide-type adjustment mechanism which is flexible and convenient. Thus, the natural and smooth accumulation of different paper cartons in this section will be ensured. The cone-shaped forming device in the front part is intended for making each corner more stable.

Counting Unit
Design of counting and piling is simple and reliable. According to the dimension of finished products, every component can be adjusted with ease.

Main Technical Specifications
Model 1800FX 2000FX 2400FX
Suitable Paper A.B.C.E.F-flute Corrugated Paper
Adhesive Type Resin Emulsion (solvent)
Max. Speed 180m/min 160 m/min 160 m/min
Required Power 19KW 24KW 24KW
Overall Dimension 19826*2520*1700mm 18260*2700*1700mm 18000*3100*1700mm
Weight 14.5T 19T 20T
Carton Specifications
1800FX 2000FX 2400FX
a 700-1800mm a 800-2000mm a 850-2400mm
b Max.1000mm b Max. 1100mm b Max. 1200mm
c Max. 30mm c Max. 40mm c Max. 40mm
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