Automatic Plastic Box Folding Gluing Machine

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The automatic plastic box folding gluing machine is designed for the production line of mid-sized and small-sized plastic folding boxes. When the plastic sheets are indented, they will be automatically fed into the machine, folded, glued, pressed, erected and ready for packing. The production rate is 5,000 to 12,000 boxes per hour. The machine is easy to operate, fast, efficient and gives an even application of glue. It can be installed with the Hot Melt Glue System or PUR glue applicator to be versatile. Scratches and friction can be avoided during the process of folding, glue applying and circling.

The automatic plastic box folding gluing machine is used for gluing PVC, PET, and PP plastic boxes automatically with high speed.

Technical Parameters of the Automatic Plastic Box Folding Gluing Machine
Model J-850N
Material to be processed PVC, PET, PP plastic
Width of the box 150mm~750mm
Thickness of the film 0.1mm~0.8mm
Type of adhesive Solvent-based adhesive, hot melt adhesive, PUR adhesive, microscopic heat treatment (PP)
Line speed 0~175m/min
Total power 7.595kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 7900mm*1730mm*1450*mm
Net weight 2.75T

1. The unique design of the automatic plastic box folding gluing machine offers steady operation and low maintenance.
2. It is equipped with Taiwan's TECO motor and Panasonic frequency converter. It consumes less electricity and has the ability to control speed automatically.
3. With the double-sided handle as the adjusting device, the machine is easy and simple to operate.
4. The multiple thickened conveyor belts made in Japan and double dumper plates ensure continuous, precise and automatic feeding.
5. The deviation rectifier can correct the possible errors made by the operator.
6. With upper and lower conveyor belts running, the friction against the product can be reduced to the lowest level.
7. Installed with a trimmer controller, the spraying device provides fine turning, while the circulator can control the volume of the glue and recycle it and avoid any waste.
8. Equipped with Panasonic's servo control system, PLC operation system and photo electronic calculation, the automatic plastic box folding gluing machine has comprehensive functions.
9. It can be adjusted to provide multiple pressing modes and can be upgraded anytime to meet the customers' needs.
10. A hot melt adhesive system or PUR glue system is available as per the needs of the customers.

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