Cylindrical Box Gluing Machine

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The cylindrical curling machine is for making the edge of the cylindrical boxes curled.

The cylindrical box curling machine is used for packaging PVC, PET plastic cylindrical boxes in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, tea, gifts, toys, stationery, electronics, hardware, etc.

Technical Parameters of Cylindrical Box Curling Machine
Model JB-200B
Materials to be processed PVC, PET plastic
Pneumatic pressure range 3-5kg/cm2
Tracheal diameter ¢8mm
Max .diameter of the product ¢200mm
Production rate 10~25 secS/side
Total power 1.5 kw
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1000mm*500mm*1700mm
Net weight 180 kg

1. It has an automatic thermostat device and digital temperature control system, which features preheating.
2. Production speed of the cylindrical box curling machine can be adjusted according to the need. It is simple to operate.
3. It offers stable production, little waste and high yields.
4. The cylindrical box curling machine adapts to different thickness of PVC, PET cylinders for quick curling.
5. It can be tailor made to suit specific requirements.

We are a professional cylindrical box curling machine manufacturer based in China. We primarily offer paper box folding gluing machine, die cutting machine, plastic box making machine, laminating machine, and blade bending machine.

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