Plastic Box Creasing Folding Gluing Machine

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The plastic box creasing folding gluing machine is used for all kinds of long plastic boxes of material-PVC, PET, such as curtain boxes, lamp pipe boxes, fishing rod boxes, etc. It can finish the processes of creasing, folding, pasting, pressing and cutting automatically. The length and width of the product can be adjusted as per requirement, which increases production efficiency. It is simple and convenient to operate and offers long durability.

Technical Parameters of the Plastic Box Creasing Folding Gluing Machine
Model 600
Width of the box 60mm~250mm
Thickness of the film 0.2mm~0.8mm
Type of glue Hot melt adhesive
Line speed 0~30m/min
Required power 3.5kw
Net weight 850kg
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 3500mm*650mm*800mm

Functions and Features
1. The plastic box creasing folding gluing machine offers free-conditioning for indentation pressure and the lines are uniform.
2. The rational design for folding makes operation fast and simple.
3. It has an L-type nozzle design and the sizing is uniform.
4. It offers a PLC digital slicing machine and full-color touch screen. It makes a simple and precise cut.

We are a professional plastic box creasing folding gluing machine manufacturer based in China. Our company produces a wide range of products that includes automatic paper box folding gluing machine, cylindrical box curling machine, automatic PP plastic box folding gluing machine, automatic OPP laminating machine, die cutting machine, and more.

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