Semi-automatic Platen Die Cutting Machine

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Model: 1500/1650SDC

The 1500/1650SDC semi-automatic platen die-cutting machine is ideal for die cutting and creasing corrugated paper continuously. It has many advantages and features which are as follows.
1. Its manufacturing processes is sophisticated and high quality cast steel structure with high compactness, good rigidity, as well as no deformation is elaborately selected from the well-known suppliers, ensuring high stability during the operation.
2. Main drive bearings, gripper bar chain, and electrical components are purchased from reliable and professional providers all over the world so as to achieve the reliability and safety in production process, prolong the service life, and minimize the maintenance costs.
3. Due to the multiple sensors and safety devices, normal operation of the product and human safety can be ensured.
4. This semi-automatic platen die-cutting machine adopts PLC control system with automatic fault detection and display function.
5. The users-friendly product is simple to operate. The situation that the equipment might be not working properly due to lack of operating skills will be excluded. Therefore, over-dependence on human operation can be avoided and the production efficiency will be significantly improved.
6. The maintenance costs of our die-cutting machine are extremely low. It is convenient and inexpensive to replace the parts caused by normal wear and tear as well as consumable parts.

Main Technical Parameters
Model CM–1500SDC CM–1650SDC
Max. Paper Size 1500﹡1100mm 1650﹡1200mm
Min. Paper Size 550﹡300mm 650﹡550mm
Max. Die-cutting Size 1470﹡1075mm 1620﹡1170mm
Paper Thickness 9mm(Corrugated Board )
Cutting Precision ±1mm
Cutting Speed 3200pcs/h
Max. Cutting Pressure 300×104N (1.9N/mm2)
Total Power 19kw 24kw
Total Weight 14000kg 17300kg
Overall Dimension 4352﹡2654﹡2200mm 5130﹡2950﹡2460mm
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