Automatic Platen Die Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping Station

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Model: 1050SE

Our 1050SE automatic platen die-cutting and creasing machine with stripping station delivers high accuracy, high efficiency, and high stability thanks to its sophisticated manufacturing processes. Superior quality drive, materials, and electrical components are meticulously selected from reliable sources, which effectively guarantee the production reliability and operational safety. The user-friendly equipment is easy to operate due to the man-machine interface with function of automatic fault detection and display. In addition, our company produces die-cutting and creasing machine with high efficiency and low cost. High quality after-sales service will be offered to our all customers.

Technical Parameters
Maximum Paper Size: 1050mm * 7400mm
Minimum Paper Size: 400mm * 360mm
Maximum Die-cutting Size: 1040mm * 7300mm
Maximum Cutting Pressure: 300 Tons
Paper Specification: Corrugated Board 800-2000 g/m2
Paper Thickness: ≤4mm
Maximum Cutting Speed: 7500 sheets/hr
Maximum Stripping Speed: 6500 sheets/hr
Cutting Precision: ± 0.1mm
Total Power: 20kw
Machine Weight: 15.5 Ton
Overall Dimension (L*W*H): 7375X3830X2240mm

1. Feeding Section
In this section, the high speed feeder sucks papers and then delivers into our die-cutting and creasing machine. This feeder can effectively prevent scratches and damages on the paper surface while feeding. Advanced servo system is available to make feeding operation faster, more stable, and more accurate. What's more, the fully automatic non-stop feeder together with pre-pile paper station and guide rail for positioning is more convenient and more efficient.

2. Conveying Positioning Section
The paper is delivered with high precision positioning and high speed stability due to the design of slop conveying section. The side-pull-and-push positioning device of our die-cutting and creasing machine is designed to conveniently process different paper with different thickness and detect the positioning precision.

3. Die-cutting Section
1). The full set pneumatic clutch of the main machine is purchased from Germany, and the core parts such as crankshaft, worm, and worm gear are manufactured from imported high quality alloy steel which is accurate and durable through high precision grinding and processing.
2). The original imported automatic pump oil circulation cooling device can guarantee the stability during long time high-speed operation and improve the pressure difference while cooling and heating the die-cutting and creasing machine. In addition to this, the rejection rate will be effectively decreased.
3). Imported aviation hard aluminum gripper bar, splitter, and drive chain components are provided. These high quality components come with high precision and low noise.
4). Integrated cutting board framework offers the features of high strength and high precision. The automatic pneumatic lock system makes operation easier and safer.
5). The adjusting accuracy of cutting pressure is of 0.001mm which is displayed on electrical digital control system.

4. Stripping Section
Three association frames waste disposal unit is effective in removing all sorts of scarps. Double-layer drawer type of the upper and lower waste removal mold is easy to dismantle and simple to operation.

5. Delivery Section
The delivery section of this die-cutting and creasing machine mainly consists of standard non-stop delivery station, standard automatic note marking device for count, as well as simple and convenient paper collection mechanism. In addition, brush stabilizer, flat nozzle, and pressing device are available to ensure papers are flat, smooth and without deformation.

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