Automatic OPP Laminating Machine

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The automatic OPP laminating machine is used for laminating color printing and packaging paper, soft film, and soft board. The printed products which are being laminated, (there will be a thin and transparent layer of plastic film on the surface), have a bright surface, and beautiful color, so the life of the product has been extended. At the same time, the plastic film is waterproof, anti-pollution, abrasion-resistance, has folding endurance and chemical corrosion protection.

Technical Parameters of the Automatic OPP Laminating Machine
Maximum laminating width 1200mm
Maximum paper size 950*1200mm
Minimum paper size 350*350mm
Paper thickness 80-600g/㎡
Film thickness 12-25μm/miron
Lamination speed 10-70m/min
Mechanical size 11913*2540*3350mm
Machine weight 10200kg
Total power 88-106kw (optional)

Product Descriptions

The feeder uses an imported high-speed feeder head (250pcs/min) with high accuracy. It has an improved conjugated cam structure
to ensure stability under high speed. The stepless feeding speed variation device adapts to different sheet sizes.
The feeding table is equipped with suction belts.

Pressing Unit
The mirror pressing cylinder hard chrome coated uses a heated oil circulation heating system. It features quick-heating, automatic temperature control and even temperature distribution. This is good for energy-saving. The oil pressure cylinder controlled impression on-off gives even pressure over the nip area of the pressing cylinder and impression roller, which is special hard rubber coated. The film unwinding is controlled by a tension controller to keep constant film tension under high speed.

Coating System
The glue application uses ceramic anilox with an independent driving motor. This enables a stable even oil coating and easy adjustment to the glue application volume. It has a circulation oil supply system. One pneumatic oil well pump and one electric oil well pump and stainless oil drought are available for water-based and oil-based glues. The pneumatic film pressing roller is easy to operate.

Drying System
The big diameter drying cylinder introduces a water heating system which features quick-heating, better temperature control, stable temperature, full area heat spread and high heat quantity. When the machine is running, it can dry the laminated sheet quickly without excursion and shrink. It is used for drying water-based glue.

Film Unwinding
The air shaft for film reel loading and magnetic-powder brake to keep constant film tension during machine operation.

Film Disc Blade Cutting Device
The automatic OPP laminating machine uses a disc blade cutting system. It has six sets of disc blades. Fine adjustment is available with the cutting disc blade, which can adjust the rpm to match better speed of the sheet after being laminated.

Automatic Delivery
It has pneumatic side and rear joggers; photo-electric sensor controlled auto delivery, and table descending. It uses a suction belt for more stable sheet transmission to the delivery table.

Electrical System
Imported electrical components are used for the automatic OPP laminating machine. A Mitsubishi PLC controls the machine running. A WEINVIEW man-machine interface touch screen is available for running status indication and trouble indication to ease machine operation and maintenance. It has a Danish Danfoss frequency converter, German Moller contactors, and Japanese OPTEX sensors.

1. Sheet feeding in flat, regardless of the thickness, the delivery is very smooth.
2. A drying system is used with a big-diameter hot water circulating drying-cylinder that works in conjunction with the thermal recycling system. The hot air thermo-stated circulating in the cavity can make uniform heat distribution in order to ensure the demand for high-speed drying.
3. An electrostatic treater is used with a double electrostatic treater, which can separately make electrostatic treatment before film coating and laminating to guarantee the electrostatic is removed up to 98% and guarantee better uniform coating. Paper adhesion will not appear after lamination, ensuring the success of the next processing in the work flow.
4. A cold-water decurling system is designed for thin paper and equipped with an auto-loop chiller to instantly cool the coated paper in order to ensure nice delivery without sheet curling after lamination.

We are an experienced automatic OPP laminating machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide not only laminating machine, but also blade bending machine, die cutting machine, paper box folding gluing machine, and other plastic box making machines.

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