Automatic Blade Bending Machine

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The automatic blade bending machine can complete all procedures from bending, cutting to the finished product through one key operation. With user-friendly keyboard shortcut setup, it could make all kinds of little holes and small round holes perfectly, especially for bending small angles and small circular arcs.

1. The automatic blade bending machine has adjustable lapping, flat cutting, automatic bridging, needing etc.
2. The double cutting design is applied to the automatic bridge site, no blade changing, with backup device. It features anti-vibration and low noise.
3. All blades are made of imported and special steel.
4. After repeated fatigue tests, it proves very high toughness and strength, and greatly improve the overall performance of the equipment.

Technical Parameters of the Automatic Blade Bending Machine
Model QTW-1500R
90° Min. R 1
180° Max. R 1.5
Max bending R 200
Max bending angle 130°
Min 90° bending size 2
Min shearing size of the head 1
Min shearing size of the tail 0.5mm
Feeding accuracy ±0.02mm
Bending flatness ±0.3
Bridge site size Width:6mm; Length adjustable
Available document forms
Equipment size 1700*1100*800
Available environment Well ventilated , dry & below 40℃
Air pressure 0.5~0.6mpa
Voltage and frequency 220V 50Hz
Power 1.0KW
Computer configuration P4 Mainframe
Dual Core CPU
22G Memory
19 Inch LCD Widescreen
Accessories 2pcs of blades
One set of inside and outside bending die
One tool kit set

Product Descriptions

The QW-1500R auto bender has a powerful controlling system, with strong compatibility and fast data handling .Three document forms are available: dxf, nc, plt.

The automatic blade bending machine contains:
1. Strong graphic recognition function: automatically deals with repeat lines and bad connection points.
2. Analog function: automatically examines the imitating bending effect of bended shapes.
3. Continuous processing mode: processes one or several shapes at one time.
4. Memory function: saves the processed shape, no need to edit next time and reduces operation time.
5. Partly modify and edit function: users can edit and modify according to the real shape, and achieve in software interface, without guiding into CAD.
6. User-defined speed control: users can achieve different speed control according to different lines, cutting down on processing time and reducing production cost.
7. Full-function database. (Different database set according to different blades).

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