With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, there is an increasing demand for post-press equipment. To fill this need, we have consistently focused on the design, development and manufacture of reliable and quality built machines since 2004. Through our constant efforts, we are able to offer a complete line of post-press equipment, including our paper box folding gluing machine, carton pasting machine, plastic box making machine, die cutting machine, laminating machine, blade bending machine, and more.

, we strive to provide high quality post-press equipment to customers all over the world. We accomplish this by employing experienced technical engineers, utilizing advanced machining equipment and implementing strict quality checks at each stage of production. This enables us to satisfy customers with our quality built folder gluers, carton pasting machines and laminating machines.

We offer complete services, including installation, training, customization, and a 12-month repair service. We also offer free box samples and replacement parts at cost prices upon request. With many service offices and agents both at home and abroad, we can serve customers' post-press equipment needs promptly.

Here we have easy access to convenient transportation facilities, which greatly facilitates the transport of our post-press machines and reduces shipping charges for our global customers.

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